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Untitled Document

Season 2016/17 will see the sixth season of the highly popular XS PROMOTIONS ABERDEEN SINGLES LEAGUES with all matches played out of Rileys. This is the first ever ADPL event played to a singles league format and is quite possibly the strongest singles league in Scotland. These are the only singles leagues endorsed and run by the Aberdeen & District Pool League.We are delighted to announce that XS PROMOTIONS will be sponsoring the event again this year. A total of 300 sponsorship shall be added to entry fees to give the biggest prize fund played for in any ADPL event with in excess of c.4,000 expected (dependent on entries).

There will be a top division called the XSP Aberdeen Superleague with the very best 16 players in the ADPL all competing for the 400 first prize and distinction of being the top player for the season. There will also be an XSP Aberdeen Premier League with the next best 16 players in the ADPL also playing for a substantial first prize and the chance to get promoted to the top league. Beneath the top 2 leagues shall be a series of XSP Championship Leagues all competing at a similar level of ability for chance to get into the XSP Premier League. It is 2 up 2 down for all the leagues except that XSP the Premier League will have the same number of relegation spots as there are XSP Championship Leagues (where the winner is guaranteed to get promotion).

All players taking part must be signed for an ADPL team in that season in order to take part and fulfill the minimum amount of league games as per the League Rules in order to claim prize money.

Remember that there is a 1 fee per player per match payable to Rileys prior to starting the match - no pay no play!

As of 2016/17 the XSP Aberdeen Singles Leagues will be treated as a completely separate event from other ADPL events with all money being paid in plus sponsorship being paid out (less online payment fees and trophy costs). The income and expenditure will be detailed in the bi-annual ADPL balance sheet made available online. All entries will now be taken online using PayPal and those not paying by the deadline will not be entered. All players must agree to the event Terms and Conditions prior to entering the event. Prize funds is guaranteed and pays out all entry fees plus sponsorship (less online payment fees and trophy costs) based on the assumption that each league has 16 players.

Please note that under new rules put in place at the 2016 ADPL AGM that if there are drop outs then players down to 4th in the next league will be asked to take their place in the higher league. Should they refuse to take their place they will be excluded from the event for the next 2 seasons. If it goes lower than 4th then the Committee can invite a player they feel is of suitable ability to taker the place. Players dropping out from any league will lose their spot in the event and will not be able to rejoin that season.

16 player leagues running from September - May playing around 2 games a month arranged by players in their own time but following the fixtures laid out in League Republic by the ADPL Match Secretary.

(entry fee £60)
Total Prize Fund £TBC (Guaranteed Prize Payout: Winner - £400, 2nd - £200, 3rd - £140, 4th - £115, 5th - £90, 6th - £75, 7th - £65, 8th - £60)

XSP PREMIER LEAGUE (entry fee £45)
Total Prize Fund £TBC (Guaranteed Prize Payout: Winner - £250, 2nd - £130, 3rd - £105, 4th - £90, 5th - £75, 6th - £60, 7th - £50, 8th - £45)

XSP CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUES A/B/C etc (each league based on 16 entries - may vary)
Total Prize Fund £TBC (Guaranteed Prize Payout: Winner - £150, 2nd - £90, 3rd - £70, 4th - £60, 5th - £55, 6th - £45, 7th - £40)

Everyone plays each other once = 15 games each

All games race to 7

Prize money per league paid down to 8th place. 8th will roughly always get their entry money back.

About 2 games per month to be played. There will be some leeway for those who work offshore.

Both players to arrange a suitable time with Rileys to play the match. Failure to play by deadline may result in a void match for both players.

** All players involved in this tournament please send confirmation of results to ADPL results phone on 07776337137 or e-mail leagueresults@gmail.com. **

The XSP SUPERLEAGUE, XSP PREMIER LEAGUE 1 and XSP PREMIER LEAGUE 2 will be based on league positions from last years event and the resultant promotion/relegation.

The XSP CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUES will consist of several leagues (A, B, C etc) of up to 16 players based those who took part last year and any new players wishing to join. These will be redrawn each season.

There will be a 2 up/2 down promotion/relegation system for the XSP SUPERLEAGUE to XSP PREMIER LEAGUE 1 and to XSP PREMIER LEAGUE 2.

The amount of players relegated from XSP PREMIER LEAGUE 2 corresponds to the number of XSP CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE winners who will take their place in the higher league.

Fixtures will be on League Republic and will be a random draw in the conventional way.

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